Phuket Yacht Charter Services

When you talk about yachting in southeastern Asia, for the enlightened ones, Private boat Phuket comes to mind. The location is no doubt one of the best places for vacationers, travelers or tourists in Asia. Phuket has grown to become such a popular destination for the following reason:

  1. Very easy and numerous flight connections all around the globe.
  2. The warm tropical weather which often contrasts the European winter
  3. The spongy, sandy, white beaches
  4. Numerous fun activities like fishing, diving snorkeling etc.

Aside from these factors, most tourists find it quite impossible to resist the deliciousness of the local cuisines in Phuket.

Lamoet offers Phuket Yacht Charter Services tailored to meet the needs of travelers and vacationers. With a number of yacht charter to choose from, vacationers are sure to have a swell time in Phuket with our yacht charter services. We offer:

Phuket Crewed Yachts:

There is a variety of crewed yachts for travelers to choose from. Between November and March every year, there are large numbers of superyachts that can be found at this location. So if you want to access the much more remote areas that surround Phuket like Surin and Similan islands, Malaysia, islands of India and Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago. Each of these unique destinations has unique crewed yachts that convey people there. Those who want to enjoy the best experience of snorkeling and diving in Thailand would visit the Similan and Surin islands while those who want to enjoy the sailing experience would be en-route the Indian islands and Myanmar.

Phuket Day Yacht Charter:

If you stay in the hotels around the area of Phuket and all you want to really do is enjoy the beautiful scenery of the island, a day yacht charter is all you need. There are a variety of destinations that you may choose like the Phang Nga Bay to the northeast, where you can just go to gaze at the sight of the huge limestone deposit cliffs or to visit the popular James Bond island. You may want to head to Krabi that lies on the eastern part which is filled with white sandy beaches.

The most popular Phuket Yacht Charter destinations are Koh Lanta, Krabi, Phi Phi islands, Surin and Similan islands. Getting into Phuket shouldn’t be much of a hassle as there are quite a number of flight connections. At Phuket International airport which happens to be the second busiest airport in Thailand, there are various locations from which you can get into the location, viz; Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Shanghai or Beijing, if you are coming from any southeastern Asian location. However, if you are coming from Europe or US, you can fly in via Abu Dhabi (Dubai) or Bangkok airport and a 1-hour drive thereafter will take you to Phuket.