Qualities Of A Good International School In Thailand

What makes a good school? According to 24phuket, every school has its own way of doing things, but successful international schools have some key qualities in common. The type of education your child receives will shape them into highly skilled, creative and independent individuals later in life. Here are some characteristics of an effective international school in Thailand to help you when searching for a good school for your child.

Academic performance

One major reason you should take your child to a specific school is because of its academic brilliance. One of the best international school curriculums is the IB program. The International Baccalaureate (IB) program produces highly inquisitive learners. They are better thinkers as they are fully engaged in the learning process. There is a lot of experimental learning going on to make sure students are fully prepared for adulthood. With the IB program, students become great thinkers, curious, better problem solvers and knowledgeable.

Excellent facilities

A good international school should have well maintained campuses that are breathtaking to encourage social interactions. Students should have access to top-notch learning resources. An international school with modern facilities such as libraries, sports arenas and theatres will encourage learning and knowledge retention.  Students are also able to gain valuable skills not just the academics only.

Highly skilled teaching staff

A good international school will only hire highly qualified and experienced staff. The teaching staff is usually a mixture of the locals and international communities. Such a diversity helps students to prepare for adulthood on how to interact with people from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, these teachers are further subdivided into different teams to help students reach their full potential. There are teams that support sports, music, arts, among others.

Personalized lessons

For learners to succeed, they need personalized attention. Although some students may understand each and everything taught in the class, others will need one-on-one lessons. Children acquire knowledge differently, and learning should actually be that way. With customized lessons, the teacher is able to attend to the specific needs of each leaner. The child is also able to focus on those things that they are genuinely interested in.

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