Extreme island fun

Usually, when you think of excitement and Thailand, the great nightlife and parties or Muay Thai immediately spring to mind. But Phuket also has a wide variety of sports and activities that will push you to the limits, both on land and water. Great on your own, with a partner or in groups, its worth checking out some of the activities on offer…

One of the oldest and arguably the most soul centered forms of extreme sports, surfing is also cheap and accessible for anyone – as long as you can swim! Dependant on the weather, surfing in Phuket is usually restricted to the low season between May and October.
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Wake Boarding
The modern equivalent to water skiing, wakeboarding is growing in popularity both as a fun sport, and as an international competitive spectator sport, where riders pull amazing aerial maneuvers and tricks. Less dependant on the weather than surfing, wake boarding can be done in the ‘traditional’ sense of being towed behind a boat, or on small lakes with special tow cable system put into place.
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Kite Boarding
Like a cross between kiting, windsurfing and wake boarding, Kite boarding (or kite surfing) is an amazingly challenging but rewarding extreme sport. Like wake boarding on steroids, it’s not for the faint hearted!
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Bungy Jumping
Often seen as one of the activities that really kick started the phrase “extreme sports” bungy jumping is a great way to spend an hour, face your fears and take yourself to new heights… literally. Safety is often a concern, but the sport has a proven track record, and if you have time, then it’s something that should definitely tried!
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Want to get off the beaten track and have a little excitement? Why not try a day at one of the many ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) centers that can be found on the island? Offering more than just a driving experience, these centers also offer elephant rides, paintball, snake shows and more.
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Go Karting
Not satisfied with ATV tours? Need more excitement, and want to show off your driving skills and compete with your friends? There are two karting tracks on the island, one in Chalong and the other in Kata.
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Not scared of heights? Why not try the ultimate experience of flying with the eagles (literally) and taking in the best view of the island. Seated under a parachute, your start from the top of a high peak, and glide down to safety at a leisurely pace, taking in the sites and sounds of the island and possibly the best view in Thailand.
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Shooting Range
Always wanted to shoot a real gun? Well now’s your chance. Offering a selection of guns from hand guns to sniper rifles, Phuket has several shooting ranges which will cater to anyone who has wondered what it feels like to pop off a few rounds. Walk in short sessions, to full lessons and tuition and more.